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Personal Training

On the personal one-to-one training basis I work with people who want to improve their health and fitness and are looking for a personalised programme and advice in the following areas:

  • fat loss, not just simply weight loss
  • toning, especially after pregnancy or weight loss
  • flexibility and mobility
  • strength
  • stress reduction
  • greater self-confidence
  • better mood
  • relaxation
  • exercise enjoyment, motivation and accountability

I am a mobile personal trainer and nutrition coach, so let the gym come to you! No more excuses!

I will turn up on your doorstep and will bring my equipment such as kettlebells, Reebok step, medicine ball, Bosu ball, stability ball, skipping rope, resistance bands, Hula Hoop, sandbag, TRX, CoreStick and the good old dumbbells!

Each session will be different and challenging for your fitness level. I will encourage you to push yourself as hard as you can in order to challenge your body and create the desired changes.

I travel up to 30 minutes from my home in Mapperley, Nottingham (NG3 6BW) or if you prefer you are more than welcome to come to my home and train here.  I encourage my clients to train outside in the fresh air which is even better for your heart and lungs, e.g. a local park or even a local children’s playground!

I work with male and female clients of different ages – my youngest client so far has been a 17 years young man wanting to get ready for a career in the Armed Forces and my oldest client – a 75 years old lady who suffered a fall and a broken hip and lost her confidence in walking.

My expertise areas are weight loss &  fat loss and kettlebell training. Although I offer an hourly rate for kettlebell training, the weight loss and fat loss programmes work best when delivered in 4, 8 or 12 weeks blocks. It takes time, dedication and perseverance in order to see true life changing habits emerge and establish and this is why 4 week block is the minimum length of training on my weight loss and fat loss programme.

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