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Benefits of Personal Training

You may be wondering whether you should get a personal trainer and what difference would it make to your training.

People often think that having a personal trainer is a luxury only celebrities have. Some think that with the huge amount of information available online, in the fitness magazines and books they can do it themselves. They would be only partially right.

There are few benefits that personal training can offer to anyone looking to improve their health, fitness and overall wellbeing:

  • much deeper knowledge and expertise of the training principles and methods – months and often years of studying, researching, reading, experimenting;
  • hands on experience with those different training principles and methods – personally tried & tested;
  • external motivation, encouragement and support;
  • guidance and advice – personal trainer can clear the confusion about the latest news in the fitness or nutrition field that you’ve just heard on TV or radio;
  • accountability – if your friends and family don’t care if you exercise or not, your personal trainer will make sure that you don’t miss your workouts just because you can’t be bothered or the weather is not quite right!

I always offer a FREE No Obligation initial consultation to my potential clients so that they can meet me in person and so that we can discuss whether having a personal trainer is the best option for them.

If you would like to book that initial consultation then please either text/phone on 07436 001276 or send me an email message to jurga.proudlove@gmail.com.

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