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Kettlebell Training & Kettlercise

It’s official – I love kettlebell training!

I first got introduced to kettlebell training in 2009 after a Body Pump class at my local sports centre was cancelled and I had no choice but to try the kettlebell training class if I wanted to do some strength training on that particular day. Well, now I am so glad that this has happened as kettlebell training became my favourite training method. Let me explain why.

Kettlebell is like a cannon ball with a handle. They come in different sizes and weights. When I started training there were only 8kg kettlebells available and in my opinion that’s the right weight to start training with. Learning the proper technique is of paramount importance not only to avoid unnecessary injuries but also to gain the maximum benefits from the training.

Kettlebell training offers double sided benefits – cardiovascular training and strength training at the same time! How smart and time effective is that! You will be burning lots of calories during the workout, challenging and strengthening your heart and lungs. You will also be building lean muscle mass and what does that mean – of course burning more calories and fat hours AFTER the workout, even when you are resting!

You don’t need to train for prolonged periods with kettlebell training – a 15 – 30 minute intense session is all you need. Here is a very short video clip of me swinging a 12kg kettlebell in a “kettlebell sunrise” exercise: Kettlebell training Nottingham.

When I realised how effective and efficient kettlebell training is I wanted to share my excitement with more people and found that Kettlercise group exercise classes would be the best way to do it.

What is Kettlercise?

One piece of equipment, one goal and that’s FAT LIBERATION!

Kettlercise is a whole body workout using a single kettlebell. It’s not an exercise to music class and it’s done in time intervals, so it is suitable for all ages and different fitness levels. There are 37 different kettlebell exercises each lasting 1 minute (or 30 sec if it’s single arm or leg exercise) in each Kettlercise programme. The exercises are put together in such manner that the whole body gets a brilliant workout!
If you are looking for a good cardiovascular workout and want an added benefit of building lean muscle mass at the same time then Kettlercise class is just right for you!
Please watch this video which will  give you an idea of what you can expect from a Kettlercise class: Kettlercise class demo

Kettlebells will be provided. All you need to bring is a bottle of water, an exercise mat or a big-ish towel and a good attitude!

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