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Do you think you drink enough?

Do you sometimes feel light headed, dizzy, irritable, fatigued or have headaches?

All these could be physical signs of de-hydration!

Water is essential for life and all chemical reactions in the human body take place in a fluid environment. Up to 75% of our body weight is water and our brains comprise of 85% water! So it’s not surprising that when dehydrated our attention and concentration can decrease by 13% and short term memory by as much as 7%.

The human body cannot store extra water and therefore is in a constant need of topping up. However it is important to know that your daily cuppa of English tea or coffee or that lunch time glass of vino or that can of Diet Coke will not do the job!

What you need is either pure water or some herbal teas. As much as 1 litre for every 50lb of body weight! Yes it’s quite a lot and it will take some time to getting used to drinking that amount of liquid every day. But your reward will be younger and more vibrant looking skin, optimally performing brain and digestive system and general increase in the overall well-being!

My favourite drink to start a day is a mug of warm water with a slice of lemon – it’s refreshing, hydrating and alkalising, too! Give it a try and let me know what you think!

So keep glugging!

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