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Secret Eaters and Reduced fat / Low fat foods

I was watching the “Secret Eaters” programme this week and the Secret Science bit is really my favourite part of the programme. This week it was about our perceptions and eating habits when it comes to so called “healthier” foods, e.g. reduced fat and low fat, reduced calories, healthier choice etc. Majority of us would […]

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Are grains essential in human diet?

This is another topic which is widely discussed amongst the fitness and good health enthusiasts and professionals. There is a lot of buzz about Paleo way of eating and there can be few slightly different versions of Paleo way of eating found online. If you haven’t yet heard of Paleo way of eating then in […]

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Do you think you drink enough?

Do you sometimes feel light headed, dizzy, irritable, fatigued or have headaches? All these could be physical signs of de-hydration! Water is essential for life and all chemical reactions in the human body take place in a fluid environment. Up to 75% of our body weight is water and our brains comprise of 85% water! […]

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Cholesterol – Good and Bad

Well known and respected Dr Mercola* was writing about cholesterol: “High cholesterol has been associated with poor health and an increased risk of heart disease for the last two decades. This idea immediately spawned myths about saturated fats, which demonized certain categories of food, like eggs and healthy oils. Most physicians will advise you to […]

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Is sugar toxic and addictive?

This topic is of particular interest to me as I admit I’ve got a very sweet tooth and I seem to struggle to kick the habit. I grew up with a free access to sweets, biscuits,cakes and chocolates. These foods were eaten not only as deserts after a main meal but as snacks in between […]

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Is Fat Loss simple?

“Fat loss is simple once you accept how hard it is. Once you accept that, you accept how much effort, honesty, responsibility, planning, creativity, intensity, discipline, thought, and control the process is going to take it. It’s not easy, but it is simple and straightforward. Only once you accept that will you succeed.” (Craig B. […]

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