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Meet Jurga

Hello and nice to meet you! My name is Jurga Proudlove. I am originally from a tiny Baltic country Lithuania and have been living in lovely Nottingham, U.K. since March 1997.

I’ve studied international trade and marketing at Vilnius University, including 2 years of business studies at Bayreuth University in Germany. Having worked in the office jobs in Germany and in the U.K. I became a stay-at-home Mum in 2001 after birth of my first daughter.

I’ve always been an active person, participating in exercising on and off throughout my life. During my two pregnancies (I am a Mum to 3 lovely children including a set of twins!) I got particularly interested in weight loss and healthy lifestyle, healthy eating and effects of poor diet on us all and especially young children. I had a goal of losing the extra weight I put on during the twin pregnancy (4 stone/24kg to be precise!), and so I researched the topic extensively on the internet for the most effective ways of achieving it.
I did get back to my pre-pregnancy figure and have an even better one now! I am the fittest I’ve been all my life!

I came into the health and fitness industry after a complete career change with a burning desire to help as many people as I can to become healthier, slimmer, fitter and overall happier with themselves. I know that lots of people live all their life without ever discovering what it is like to be naturally healthy and fit. My mission is to help people to achieve that by educating them about eating for health and vitality, by motivating them to adopt more active daily routine, by holding them accountable and by supporting them throughout their journey towards the permanently healthier lifestyle. Currently I work as a mobile personal trainer in Nottingham.

In March 2010 I got introduced to Network Marketing (MLM) industry. Even though I didn’t fully understand it to start with something really attracted me – time leverage, creating your own home-based business and working flexible hours that suited around my young family. This was exactly what I was looking for as I didn’t want to go back to the office jobs. I wanted to be my own boss! Now that I have done lots of research and fully understand the power of this amazing industry I dedicate my time and energy to introducing it to other people and helping them to see many benefits that it offers.

I love what I do – personal training, nutrition coaching and building my own home-based business with the help of network marketing industry. And I truly believe in this saying: “Whatever I believe, I can achieve!”


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